Our wiper/rag department provides uncut wipers for export and domestic use. Our wipers consist of sweatshirt, cotton colored polo, and white ganzee.

  • Sweatshirt (contains white and colored)
  • Cotton Polo/Polo Material (colored)
  • Ganzee -White and printed cotton underwear and
    T-shirts (no white underwear bottoms)
  • Denim Pants
  • Denim Legs
  • Corduroy Wiper (includes all corduroy product)
  • Flannel Wipers (includes all flannel product, sheets pajamas and shirts)
  • Special Terry - (includes robe material - no terry stretch in this packing)
  • White Cotton Woven - Shirts, blouses pants and sheets
  • Medium Wiper - Pants and heavier cotton fabric
  • Light Wiper - Light weight colored blouse, dress and shirt (includes all light fabric sheet)

  • Cut wipers can be provided through sister companies.

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Ask for Gary.
FAX: (718) 342 2258
or email: info@noamex.com

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